Moment of Truth

Posted by Stuart Wheelwright on April 22, 2023 · 2 mins read

v3.3 is now available

App Store review went a lot faster than I expected. v3.3.0 is now available!

Release Notes

Fast and reliable list sharing!

Share your list with family and friends and see their changes instantly.

Add an item and everyone else will see it on their list. Watch as items are marked-off while your family or friends are shopping. Plus, for this release, the list’s name and colour theme are now synchronised too.

Not sure who added, deleted, or bought an item? Check the new Activity Log. It shows all changes made to shared lists.

Some annoying bugs have been fixed too:

  • Re-adding an item from the basket view now replaces the marked-off item. In earlier versions, it would add a second item with the same name.
  • There was a rare but annoying bug that would wrongly evict people from the list. This won’t happen now.
  • If a device hadn’t been opened the app in a week or two, synchronisation would sometimes leave deleted items behind. This is now fixed.


  • Changes are automatically synchronised between devices within a couple of seconds. If you’re impatient, pull-down on the list to force a refresh.
  • Up to 100 people can now share a list (previously limited to five people).
  • List sharing requires an active network connection to synchronise. If the network isn’t available, changes will be stored and sent later.
  • An iCloud account is required for list sharing.
  • The old sharing mechanism is still supported in this release, but it will be retired in the future. Please upgrade your lists to the new sharing mechanism as soon as possible. To upgrade, stop sharing the list and re-share it again.

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